Absheron - Yanardagh


Absheron - Yanardagh

Yanardag: The Eternal Flame of Azerbaijan

A Natural Marvel in Baku's Outskirts Just minutes away from the bustling city of Baku, Yanardag stands as a fascinating testament to Azerbaijan's natural wonders. Often referred to as the 'Burning Mountain', this awe-inspiring hillside has been emitting an intense, steady flame for centuries, captivating visitors and locals alike.

History and Legends of the Burning Mountain The history of Yanardag is deeply intertwined with legends and tales. The natural gas emissions, which ignite upon contact with the open air, have given rise to stories of ancient fire-worshipping rituals. This eternal flame, which never seems to extinguish, has made Yanardag a significant pilgrimage site for Zoroastrians and a symbol of Azerbaijan's moniker, 'The Land of Fire'.

A Cultural and Historical Reserve Recognizing its cultural and historical significance, the Azerbaijani government designated Yanardag as a State Historical, Cultural, and Natural Reserve. Today, it serves not only as a natural spectacle but also as a window into the country's rich history of fire worship and its connection to Zoroastrianism.

Visiting Yanardag For those planning a visit, the site offers more than just the golden flames. The nearby Ateshgah Fire Temple, another one-of-a-kind historical monument, further enriches the experience. Tourists can also visit the on-site museum, which delves into the history, geology, and legends associated with Yanardag.

How long has Yanar Dag been burning? For centuries, the exact duration remains a mystery.
What is the fire in Azerbaijan that never goes out? It's the natural gas emissions from Yanardag, which ignite upon contact with air.
What is the burning mountain in Baku? Yanardag, often referred to as the 'Burning Mountain', is a hillside that has been emitting a steady flame for centuries.
What time does Yanar Dag open? The timings can vary, but generally, it's open from morning till evening. It's advisable to check the official timings before planning a visit.