Baku - The Old City


Baku - The Old City

Baku's Ancient Heart: The Old City

Baku's Old City, locally revered as Icheri Sheher, is a mesmerizing enclave that stands as a living testament to Azerbaijan's rich tapestry of history. Located on the south shore of the Apsheron Peninsula, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a captivating blend of ancient charm and modern vibrancy.

From its inception, possibly dating back to the 7th century, the Old City has been a melting pot of cultures. Its 10-meter high fortress walls, punctuated by 25 towers and 5 gates, have stood as silent witnesses to the ebb and flow of empires. Within these walls, the narrow alleys come alive with tales of yore, echoing the footsteps of traders, craftsmen, and scholars from the days of the Silk Road.

Two of its most iconic landmarks, the Maiden Tower and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, beckon visitors with their architectural grandeur and intriguing histories. The Maiden Tower, possibly built as early as the 7th-6th centuries BC, remains shrouded in mystery, while the Palace of the Shirvanshahs showcases the zenith of Azerbaijani architecture from the 12th to 15th century.

But the Old City isn't just about ancient edifices. It's a vibrant hub where history meets the present. Traditional Azerbaijani products can be found in quaint shops, while cafes offer a taste of local cuisine. Museums, embassies, and hotels dot the landscape, making it a perfect blend of the old and new.

For those keen on cinematic experiences, the Old City has been the backdrop for several films, further cementing its place in cultural lore. An ancient underpass discovered in 2008 adds another layer to its already rich history.

In essence, Baku's Old City is more than just a destination; it's a journey through time, a bridge between eras, and a testament to the resilience and spirit of Azerbaijan.